About South Shore

South Shore Survey Volunteers, 2021

South Shore is Community Area 43 of Chicago’s 77 Community Areas, located along the lakefront, approximately nine miles southeast of Chicago’s Loop. In total, this community covers 3.05 square miles (1,954 acres) and contains 8,596 individual parcels of property. Rainbow Beach, the South Shore Cultural Center, and the Stony Island Arts Bank are some of South Shore’s major landmarks and cultural treasures.

Key Facts

  • 50,275 residents. Population has declined 37% since 1970.
  • Densely-populated neighborhood with rich history, cultural amenities, and natural assets.
  • Spans 3.05 square miles. 8,596 parcels of property in survey area.
  • Of households, 23.5% own their home, compared to 44% in Chicago.
    • 49% of homeowners moved to South Shore in 1999 or earlier.

Community Lead

The South Shore Community Compact was founded in 2021 to collaboratively develop and advance a vision for South Shore’s future. The Compact is a unique structure consisting of three organizations focused on key elements of a strong and healthy neighborhood — people, commerce, and housing — and includes Neighborhood Network Alliance, South Shore Chamber of Commerce, and South Shore Works.