About South Shore

South Shore Area Councils team

The Neighborhood Network Alliance

The Neighborhood Network Alliance is a community engagement group that convenes residents around issues and also provides resources to block club leaders. After realizing the Generation X and Millennial populations are not involved in their neighborhoods or attracted to "Block Clubs." The decision was made to incorporate social networks within our organizing strategy. Which led us to incorporate “Network” into our name. We find the next generation of leaders does not find block clubs appealing enough to get involved. They seem to be more attracted to joining a network of like-minded neighbors. In our efforts to create neighborhood networks we are able to tap into the human capital on the block and identify new leadership while stabilizing neighborhoods. This type of engagement positions us to inspire and attract an intergenerational collective that becomes civically engaged and ready to resolve neighborhood issues.

South Shore Works

South Shore Works is an emerging 501(C)(3) community-based organization dedicated to the revitalization and restoration of the South Shore community. What began as a volunteer movement has evolved into a structured nonprofit organization with a board of directors, core staff, a physical location, and a growing reputation as THE pivotal planning entity for South Shore. We are an independent, dedicated consortium of individuals and key organizations committed to the revitalization of the South Shore community in every aspect. Its primary strategy is to harness the abundance of talent and expertise in the neighborhood to participate in the design and implementation of a strategic plan that will result in a safe, economically viable, aesthetically beautiful community.

South Shore Chamber of Commerce

The South Shore Chamber of Commerce strengthens and supports our business corridors and small businesses, by empowering our members with effective training, technical assistance and access to private sector and governmental resources. With a focus on attracting new and diverse businesses, we engage all stakeholders to improve the overall quality of life in South Shore.