Washington Park Parcel Survey

How to use this map

Parcels that have been surveyed are highlighted on the map according to use. You can click on any property to see the individual survey results.

Where is this data from?

Data for this map was collected through the Washington Park Parcel Survey (WPPS) conducted by WPRAC and Washington Park residents, in partnership with Harris, OCE, and Regrid. WPPS data was then embedded within a properties data layer from Cook County via Regrid, which may or may not display up-to-date records of ownership.

A note on parcel counts and the map: WPPS data from 2019 was layered onto the most current parcel map at that time. Since then, new parcels have been created, others eliminated or collapsed into one property, all of which create a new underlying parcel map with slightly different counts. This is why figures from the map may not align 1:1 with WPPS data.